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Platform laser scanner HD-PSV and HD-PSH



When protecting platforms, however, the optical sensors must be attached to or on the platform. For this purpose, sturdy metal housings are needed which, despite their high rigidity, can be discreetly integrated into the platform design. The central unit of horizontal and vertical platform laser scanners HD-PSH and HD PSV is protected and installed in a compact all-aluminium housing. It consists of an optical sensor and a digital analysis unit. The entire unit is surrounded by a well-designed aluminium housing. The housing can be coated in various colours on request. The standard colour is RAL9007 grey aluminium.

Horizontal platform laser scanner HD-PSH Protection of large platforms

The strength of the HD-PSH horizontal platform laser scanner lies in the surveillance of large exhibition platforms. The platforms are protected against unauthorized access. It is important that the exhibits on the platform are placed at a certain distance to the edge of the platform. This must be sufficiently large in order to prevent visitors from touching the object with their hands or other aids and tools. This ensures effective monitoring of the exhibit.



Vertical platform laser scanner HD-PSV Seamless protection of platforms

The strength of the vertical platform laser scanner HD PSV lies in monitoring platforms where the objects to be protected are located near the edge of the platform. The platform laser scanner creates an invisible curtain between the visitor and the exhibit. Any attempt to penetrate this area will result in an alarm. False alarms by passing visitors are excluded by placing it correctly on the platform - at least 30 cm behind the edge of the platform.


Direct connection to alarm box HD-AB and sensor module HD-SM Remote control HD-LSRC

There are many arguments in favour of using the platform laser scanners. The purchase costs must be seen in relation to the savings made through easier supervision of the exhibits, the abandonment of barriers and showcases and the lower cost of any restoration work that may be required. The frequently used argument that security technology and its acoustic alarms interfere with the operation of the exhibition is largely no longer valid with the Human Detector technology. The platform laser scanners are connected to the HD-AB alarm box. It contains an intelligent controller. The museum decides whether to issue a silent alarm, a friendly request via sympathetic voice output or a siren sound in the required dynamic range. The required loudspeakers are placed under the edge of the platform. The volume of the alarm can be minimized as desired, so that it does not disturb the operation of the exhibition. With the HD-AB alarm box you have all the design options at your disposal, and it is installed discreetly under or near the platform.


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