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Usage in car dealerships - How it works

Human Detector - knows your customer's desired car

The image shows the deployment of the Human Detector System in a simplified depiction of a car dealership. One Human Detector system is capable of monitoring several showrooms and buildings at the same time, due to the large range of the sensor modules and its expandability. Existing video surveillance systems can usually be utilized. If a video surveillance system is not present, turn and swivel cameras can be retrofitted.

There are various vehicles in your showroom (1). Each is equipped with a concealed Human Detector sensor. A person (2) touching a vehicle is immediately detected and reported via radio (3) to the Human Detector centre (4). It controls the surveillance camera (5). The camera immediately pans to the vehicle with the person (2) in question. A discreet notification sound alerts the sales office, if required. The car salesperson immediately is able to see the touched vehicle and the person in question on their monitor (6). The Human Detector centre is also capable of controlling video recording devices (7). They record all activities in your showroom. Acts of vandalism and theft are also recorded and documented in this way. The recording devices (7) are also capable of transferring these video images directly to your smartphone (8) or to any place in the world. You are therefore always able to view your showroom.

The Human Detector sensor is hidden in or under the automobile. No complicated installation is required, as is the case with other alarm systems. The sensors comprise a battery, and transmit information via radio. Each installation is capable of monitoring up to 1000 vehicles.

The Human Detector centre records the data from all sensors. This information is used to control surveillance cameras and video recording devices. The car salesperson can immediately see, if a customer touches a vehicle. In addition, all activities in the vicinity of the vehicle are recorded. The Human Detector centre is capable of simultaneously monitoring several showrooms and outdoor spaces. Control monitors can be deployed in several locations.

Even the slightest physical contact on the automobile is detected by the capacitive sensor in the Human Detector. Automobiles in outdoor areas can also be secured against theft of parts and vandalism.

Existing video equipment can usually be integrated into the Human Detector
system. Your showrooms can be monitored from anywhere in the world, due to modern video technology.  You are able to see all activity in your showroom  via your smartphone.

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