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fahrzeugSecuring automobiles and other vehicles

Vehicles of all kinds can be secured quickly and easily with the Human Detector Flex technology. Depending on the material of the vehicle, different securing techniques are used. Human Detector technology is the world leader in securing vehicles in exhibitions.

In principle, it is possible to secure vehicles with laser scanners. This is recommended if there are several vehicles in the immediate area and the visitor should not approach them. A much more attractive method of securing is protection with the HDF-TOUCH capacitive alarm sensor. The alarm sensor is able to secure complete cars against touching. Herewith it is possible to approach the car without triggering disturbing early alarms. Only when the car is approached directly, it is immediately detected and reported. With one alarm module e.g. several motorcycles can be secured, for this only an electrical connection between the objects must be created. 
Vehicles that are not made of metal, e.g. carriages, are secured with the HDF-3D PROTECT alarm module. This sensor reliably detects when doors are opened or the object is entered.

The following systems are used for securing automobils and other vehicles:
hdf door

hdf door

hdf extern hd psv 300x300


for securing vehicles that are not made of metal


for securing of vehicles made of metal


for connecting laser scanners


for securing larger installations



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