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Securing exhibits and works of art in museums with laser scanners has many advantages. You are able to secure large areas without contact. Due to their compact design, they are much less noticeable than light barriers and mechanical barriers. A fundamental problem, however, is the assembly of the laser scanner. You always need a 230 V power supply and an device that carries out the alarm. This is often difficult to do on ceilings and walls.

Side view laser scanner HD-PR Rear view laser scanner HD-PR

The compact laser scanner unit can easily be hooked into a 3-phase power rail. The assembled device can be rotated 360 °. The laser module built into the HD-PR covers an area of ​​550 x 550 cm. This means that the device should be suitable for most museums. The invisible laser curtain can be limited to exhibits to be secured. For this, the option of a self-learning mode or programming via IR remote control is used to limit the detection area. To make setup easier, the user can briefly switch on three visible laser spots. The alignment of the laser curtain is immediately visible

45°/45° adjustment laser scanner HD-PR 90°/90° adjustment laser scanner HD-PR

If a visitor penetrates the safety curtain, an MP3 file output is starting immediately. This was previously saved in the Human Detector - Power Rail laser scanner using a USB cable or SD card. The built-in and controllable voice module has an output of 10 watts and is easy to hear even in large rooms


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