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Usage in car dealerships - sales support

Human Detector - increases the efficiency of customer service and protects against theft and vandalism

For decades the car trade has been making significant investments for the purpose of a high quality presentation of their vehicles. The presentation of a vehicle is very costly, not just because of the value of the exhibit. Potential buyers expect a modern showroom and exhibited vehicles in mint condition. They also expect the sales staff to be attentive, but not pushy or intrusive. And this is where the problem lies. Modern car dealerships are increasing in size and qualified staff may not be at hand in sufficient numbers. Potential clients are therefore being lost and are not treated appropriately. In addition, the dealership may experience theft from and damage to vehicles. And this is even more so the case if the individual does not feel watched.

The Human Detector system offers an ingenious solution and increases the efficiency of the sales team. The tiny Human Detector sensors are installed on the vehicle in concealed places. Even the slightest physical human contact with a vehicle is immediately detected and a message is transmitted to the Human Detector control centre. A variety of actions could now be triggered depending on the set-up of the system. These range from a signal sounding in the office of the sales staff, to the display of the touched vehicle on a PC, to the fully automated control of movable cameras. The monitoring camera displays the person at the car. Sales staff can now decide which further action to take. In addition all activities around the car can be recorded. This way no potential customer is lost and the culprits are being detected at the same time. In comparison to conventional surveillance systems costs are significantly reduced through the deployment of intelligently controlled individual cameras.

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