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Monitoring of pump sumps and liquid levels

heddier electronic GmbH designs special solutions around the Human Detector Flex technology for different fields of application. The aim is to develop economically profitable and innovative systems. Here, the advantages of the Human Detector Flex technology - e.g. the extremely low power consumption and the high transmitter range - are to be used.

Problem definition:

The immediate past shows that environmental disasters and damage caused by floods are on the rise. Many houses are equipped with pumps in shafts or sumps that control the groundwater level. A technical defect in the pump or the failure of the power supply can cause the groundwater to rise. In this case, high damages to the building are to be expected.

The installed pump control system does not perform this task. Normally, it does not have an emergency power supply and the unfavorable installation location in the basement makes it difficult to transmit the fault message. The control system only monitors the water level and switches the pump on and off accordingly.

HDF WIRE Wasserstand

Problem solution:

An HDF-WIRE alarm sensor is connected to two or three thin stainless steel rods. They are fixed in the pump shaft and monitor the water level. Depending on the number of rods, one or two water levels can be monitored. In the event that a water level is exceeded, an alarm is immediately sent.

The use of Human Detector Flex  technology has many advantages in the field:

  • With a battery life of up to 10 years, long operation without service is possible.
  • The high radio range enables reliable transmission from the pump shaft. Additional wiring is not necessary.
  • The sensor regularly sends signals indicating its readiness for use. A failure is quickly detected.
  • In case of an alarm, it can be transmitted to alarm centres (HDF-AMD), likewise a siren (HDF-BUZZER) can be controlled.


In cooperation with a pump manufacturer it is conceivable to extend the system to a control system. The radio alarm control units (HDF-BUZZER and HDF-SPPECH) already have corresponding relay outputs.

Due to the low cost of the HDF-WIRE sensor modules, the simple connection via radio and the long battery life of 10 years, an economical use is feasible. Corresponding tests and test installations have been carried out positively. heddier electronic GmbH is looking for interested cooperation partners.

For further information please contact

Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Heddier

Tel +49 (0) 2864 95 178-0

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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