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Human Detector

Protection of exhibits and art in museums

Human Detector - systems guard exhibits and pieces of art in collections and museums

The Human Detector system can be quickly installed and represents a powerful, compact security and monitoring system for the deployment in museums, exhibitions and private collections. It effectively protects works of art and exhibits from physical contact, theft or vandalism.

The Human Detector reliably detects if a person touches the monitored object and controls monitoring cameras as well as alarm systems. Our Human Detector technology can be implemented into existing systems.

The Human Detector offers unique protection for mobile cultural assets. The compact modules can be installed on exhibits within minutes. Alert messages are transmitted via radio for distances of up to 300 metres, irrespective of the location of the monitored exhibit. The Human Detector does not need any networking or a separate power supply. Integrated batteries or an external power supply allow for long term operation. The Human Detector features three physical sensor systems, working independently from each other. The capacitive sensor monitors the outer layer of the object to be protected. The device reliably detects physical contact of surfaces and exhibits at an early stage. The seismic sensor detects the slightest vibration of the object to be monitored.

Physical contact with any objects, such as tapping of walking sticks or opening of doors and flaps in antique furniture are reliably detected. The optional radar sensor monitors the area around the exhibit. Anyone reaching into the monitored area is detected. In addition the Human Detector features a port for the connection of various alarm sensors, such as pressure and motion sensors.


Protection of Paintworks

Protection of Steles and Podiums

Protection of Furniture

Protection of Sculptures and Statue

Exhibition Walls with internal Security Technology

Protection of Showcases


Protection of Figurines with apacitive technology


The Human Detector provides comprehensive protection for vehicles in car dealerships and collections. Its deployment is cost-effective, fast and flexible. Damages through theft, vandalism and carelessness are sustainably reduced.

Human Detector – Advantages at a glance:

• Complete protection through multi-sensor surveillance
• Detects approaches before contact takes place
• Acoustic alarm on the exhibited object for security staff
• Ideal for permanent and temporary exhibitions
• Worldwide access and alert via smartphone
• Wireless network and battery power supply
• Can be integrated with existing alarm and surveillance equipment
• Control of movable surveillance cameras (PTZ)
• Extensive surveillance due to a radio range of 300 metres
• Straightforward installation of the Human Detector sensors
Security made in Germany

Brochure Human Detector in museums
Flyer Human Detector in museums
Brochure Human Detector Foil Sensor for paintings


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