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Protection of automobiles in museums and collections - usage and operation

Vehicles in museums

... can be protected with the Human Detector in a sustainable manner. Each vehicle to be secured is equipped with a Human Detector. If required, an acoustic alarm is triggered when a vehicle is being touched, and the Human Detector centre is being informed via radio. A video camera immediately pans to the relevant vehicle and records the occurrence. Due to the high resolution of modern video cameras, you receive film material, which is admissible at court.

In a museum, the Human Detector offers cost-effective protection against theft of parts, vandalism and the well-known “gropers”. The systems are equally suitable for permanent, as well as temporary exhibitions.

Collector's and individual vehicles

 ... are protected with the Human Detector in a simple and fast manner. If a person for example touches the vehicle, an acoustic alarm is triggered. The alarm signal can be transferred onto a video surveillance or alarm system if required. An alarm can therefore be triggered via a smartphone app, wherever you are in the world.

The Human Detector provides first class protection against theft, vandalism and unintentional damage. Typical examples of deployment are the protection of collector's vehicles, vintage cars, high-end sports- and production cars, vehicles in exposed positions (sale events, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc.).

Vehicles at car dealerships

 ... are being secured in- and outdoors by the Human Detector.

The system offers high protection against theft of parts and vandalism in outdoor areas. The Human Detector controls the surveillance cameras and triggers an alarm, if required. All information can be recorded on digital long-term devices and accessed worldwide. Alarm control centres can be added upon request.

The Human Detector offers flexible protection against theft of parts and vandalism in indoor areas. The device can be quickly implemented, due to being supplied via the on-board supply system. “Offenders”, as well as potential customers, can be reported via a discreet acoustic signal, pager or smartphone. Sales staff are able to monitor the situation at the relevant model on display on a surveillance monitor or smartphone and react accordingly.

Do you have a particular assignment or task in mind? We would be delighted to provide more information and to design a protection plan for you.

Brochure Human Detector in motor museums
Brochure Human Detector for private car collectors and museums

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