Human Detector

Our competencies

Since the end of the 80s the heddier electronic GmbH has been involved with the deployment of intelligent sensors in industry and exhibitions. Today more than 800 museums and numerous commercial customers use the interactive proximity sensors and media devices of heddier electronic GmbH.

At the turn of the millennium a new generation of capacitive sensors has been developed. In 2001 the company received a national innovation award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In addition to a team of dedicated and competent professionals the success lies mainly with company CEO Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Heddier. After his studies of telecommunications engineering he was mainly concerned with the development of complex sensors for the US arm manufacturer Honeywell. In 1989 he founded the heddier electronic GmbH.

Even his private interests have been reflected in the company’s products. He has been collecting, restoring and driving historic automobiles from the German imperial period (1900 - 1918). Being a member of various automobile clubs (Allgemeiner Schnauferlclub, Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, De Dion Bouton Club and ADAC) and a participant of international events he knows the needs of automobile enthusiast well.

For these reasons and due to constant feedback from the automobile and museum scene have made Human Detector one of the most efficient electronic protection systems.


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