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The HD-LSS25 is a laser technology based security device designed to protect artworks, exhibits and buildings against theft, vandalism and intrusion. It could be used in- and outdoor. This high-precision sensor ensures high levels of detection and security for your valuables.
It is a compact and competitive solution with easy "plug & play" and "teach-in" installation. The HD-LSS25 offers a direct interface to the Human Detector sensor modules for wireless alarm transmission and camera control.




• Protection against theft and vandalism

• Perimeter protection and intrusion detection

• Protection of works of art and masterpieces in museums

• Protection of high level security buildings



E A S E    O F    I N S T A L L A T I O N

• 3 visible red laser beams can be activated to align the detection surface and
  adjust the tilt and rotation angles

• Teach-in function: self-learning of both environment and background through an
  automatic adjustment of the detection planes

• Teach-in function launched with the remote control or operating system

• Remote control to easily set the adjustable parameters




T E C H N I C A L     H I G H L I G H T S

• Typical detection range: max. 25 m × 25 m

• Capacity to detect objects in mm-range and with a remission factor down to 2 %

• Discretion guaranteed: the LED display can be switched off with the remote control

• Compared to standard camera systems, no external illumination of target necessary

• Four planes covering a given area in height, width and depth.

• High immunity to environmental interferences due to time of flight with dedicated software

• Opportunity for retrofit due to easy installation and low commissioning costs

• Pre-alert and alert functions can be achieved thanks to 2 independent relay outputs

• Day and night operation can be achieved thanks to 2 independent control inputs

• Easy connection with Human Detector alarm systems


Technical datas ...



 Large detection area



  Day and night operation



 Intrusion protection



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