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Human Detector is the only worldwide security system which is able to detect even the slightest of physical contact on large objects, such as highly valuable vehicles. The system can be installed in minutes and with the help of batteries and wireless technology operates totally independent from the electricity supply network.

The Human Detector provides comprehensive and cost effective protection for museums, exhibitions and private collections. It protects all substantial pieces of art, exhibits and technical exhibits. Accidental activation, as can occur with optical systems, is impossible. Human Detector is the ideal protection system for permanent and temporary exhibitions, thanks to its ability for rapid and also retrofit installation.

Protection of collector and museum cars, exclusive sports cars, classic cars, veteran cars, coaches, automobilia and technical exhibits with capacitive and seismic sensors

Protection of museum exhibits, sculptures, statues, paintings, showcases, figurines, furnitures, jewellery, plattforms and technical exhibits with capacitive and seismic sensors


Protection of paintings, pedestals and large sized exhibits with modern laser technology


Video surveillance of private properties
Video surveillance of commercial properties
Application of video technology in museums
Protection of exhibits with video technology

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